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This project will build on earlier work by HATII and the DCC to support research data management. It will analyse needs at Glasgow and Cambridge across a number of different disciplines; propose a range of tools or services to address those needs; and develop, adapt and pilot these within each institution. Outputs will then be further adapted and prepared for embedding in local infrastructures and wider dissemination via the Digital Curation Centre, Digital Preservation Coalition, and JISC. The project intends to focus on the provision of softer infrastructure (e.g. templates, training, best practice guidelines, and policy).

Includes multimedia files (audio, video)

Funded by JISC 2010-2011

From Jorum (largely CC-BY-NC-SA)

  • Re-use, sharing, and archiving sensitive research data: a practical overview - slideshow (Jorum)
  • How data centres and repositories can help with research data management (Jorum)
  • University of Glasgow: bidding for grant funding workflow (Jorum)
  • University of Cambridge: bidding for funding workflow (Jorum)
  • The university ethics process and how it impacts on making creative work (Jorum)
  • The benefits of sharing research data (Jorum)
Digital media:
  • Managing music data (Jorum)
  • Managing multimedia research data (Jorum)
  • Working with digital media files (Jorum)
Sensitive data:
  • Archiving sensitive research data (Jorum)
  • Managing sensitive data in performing arts - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • Re-use, sharing, and archiving sensitive research data: a practical overview - slideshow (Jorum)
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Research Data: Focus on copyright - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • Who owns IPR? - flowchart (Jorum)
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR) and the creation and use research materials (Jorum)
  • Intellectual property rights and University of Cambridge: Focus on patents and commercialisation - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • How the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) applies to research data (Joprum)
  • FAQ for Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests for Research Data - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • Using the UK Freedom of Information Act: A practical guide for researchers - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • What options do researchers have when asked to release their data by an FOI request? (Jorum)
  • UK research funders' data policies (Jorum)
  • Organising files and folders (Jorum)
  • Adding metadata to Microsoft Office documents (Jorum)
  • Choosing the right digital storage media for you (Jorum)
  • Selecting which data to keep (Jorum)
  • Common Image Formats (Jorum)
  • Selecting which data to keep at University of Glasgow (Jorum)
  • Version control across devices (Jorum)

Incremental Project

Content produced by the Incremental project is released under Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA

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