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h2. Anecdotal Tales Of Lost Data

*Recovery of Overwritten Hard Disk Data*
Hi, a friend of mine just overwrote two months of her PhD thesis with
an older version. I know recovery of overwritten data is possible, but
wonder if I'd need special hardware to do it. Does anyone know
something about this ?
Thank You.
_5 October 2005 Linux Forums - http://tinyurl.com/8t7uaop_

*Stolen laptop had PhD research*
Thirty-fve minutes spent in Langley’s Willowbrook Shopping Centre cost
a Surrey woman much more than she had anticipated.
Langley RCMP say that while she was shopping from 1-1:35 p.m. last
Monday, someone broke into her vehicle and stole a number of items,
including a Mac iBook laptop containing the research she had compiled
as she worked towards her PhD.
“All that information was on that computer and she has no back-up
fle,” said Langley RCMP spokesman Cpl. Brenda Marshall.
_19 March 2008 Surrey Leader - http://tinyurl.com/9hmtlv4_