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Steve Welburn, 2012-11-20 12:43 PM

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h2. Evaluation
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Strong attention will be payed to evaluate the quality and impact on research practice of the training material. By taking advantage of the established collaborations, the material will be tested in different situations, including postgraduate courses, internal and external seminars and workshops, and tutorials at international conferences. The "International Society for Music Information Retrieval":http://www.ismir.net/ (ISMIR) serves the purposes of fostering the exchange of ideas between and among members whose activities, though diverse, stem from a common interest in music information retrieval. A tutorial proposal been submitted in collaboration with the "Sound Software":http://www.soundsoftware.ac.uk project to the "2012 ISMIR conference":http://ismir2012.ismir.net/ (8-12 October in Porto, Portugal). A tutorial proposal will also be submitted to "DAFx-12":http://dafx12.york.ac.uk/ (Digital Audio Effects conference, 17-21 September in York).
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The "QMUL Learning Institute":http://www.learninginstitute.qmul.ac.uk/ will provide support and know-how in evaluation methodologies and analysis.
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Feedback will be collected using:
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# anonymous questionnaires after the tutorials/workshops, tailored to the specific audience;
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# online questionnaires;
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# standard course evaluation for postgraduate modules;
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# focus groups interviewed a few months after the training to establish the longer-term impact of the training.
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The feedback will be used to iteratively improve the material. Revised versions of all training materials will be available by the end of the project.