Handbooks and guides for data management

Data Management Plan and policies

DCC's Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan

DMPOnline : useful for projects, less so to create an institutional data management plan.

DCC's Policy tools and guidance

Data Asset Framework

The Data Asset Framework (formerly the Data Audit Framework) provides organisations with the means to identify, locate, describe and assess how they are managing their research data assets.
We will further investigate how this framework can help us in the task of defining the research data management strategy for C4DM.

Digital Asset Framework Methodology

Digital Asset Framework Guide

They also have an interesting on-line tool that is meant to help planning and conducting of data curation projects:

DAF on-line tool

Edinburgh University Data Library - Research Data Management Handbook

A short but comprehensive guide on how to prepare a research data management plan. Download

UK Data Archive

Guide to managing and sharing research data, on the lines of the Edinburgh's handbook Download

DCC Digital Curation Center, Digital Curation Manual

A more comprehensive guide to digital curation. Less practical, more theoretical and focused mainly on libraries. Divided in several chapters, some of interest. Download

Creating an institutional repository: LEADIRS Workbook

A guide on how to create an institutional repository by MIT Libraries, includes a chapter about technologies (see DAM section in this wiki). Download

JISCInfonet Digital Repositories infokit

Another practical guide on how to plan a digital content repository. Download

How to Cite Datasets and Link to Publications (from DCC)

A guide on how to cite datasets in publications. It is interesting as a guide regarding what metadata are required when citing (and thus required in a repository). The last part of the document is dedicated specifically to data management system administrators. It provides some interesting insights on versioning.


Repository policies toolkit

DCC list of resources for creating policies

Understanding metadata

Excellent introduction to metadata concepts and definitions. Download