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h1. Installation Guide

*Notice:* please read the "Known Issues": _note: this wiki page before installing. is being updated. Last changes: 19/06/2012_

h2. Overview

Before you install SMALLbox you need to have MATLAB correctly installed and to make sure *mex* is working correctly.

h2. MEX setup

After installing MATLAB, you need to make sure you are able to build MEX-files. To do this you need a working C compiler.

h3. Mac OS X

On OS X you can get a C compiler with Xcode.

h3. Linux

If you're using Linux, MATLAB will use gcc, which is included in most Linux distributions.

h3. Windows

h4. 32-bit

On 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, MATLAB provides a C compiler, Lcc.

h4. 64-bit

Depending on your version of MATLAB, different configurations may apply. Please follow the official Mathworks documentation on how to get mex to work in Windows 64-bit.

* "Matlab R2012a":
* "Matlab R2011b":
* "Matlab R2011a":
* "Matlab R2010b":
* "Matlab R2010a":

h3. Configuring Matlab for MEX-files

If you are using the MEX compiler for the first time, run "mex -setup" or type "help mex" in the MATLAB command prompt before trying to install SMALLbox.

h2. SMALLbox

To install the toolbox run the script SMALLboxSetup.m from the MATLAB command prompt and follow the instructions. @SmallboxSetup.m@ is in the root SMALLbox directory. The SMALLbox installation involves the automatic download of several existing toolboxes. Due to the automatic download of toolboxes you must have an *active internet connection*.

Once installed, there are two optional demo functions that can be run. Further information can be found in the README.txt in the main SMALLbox directory.