2012 Hack Session Notes

Auxiliary Materials

Hack Session Scripts

Please download the hack session script here: https://code.soundsoftware.ac.uk/projects/smallbox/files

SMALLbox Cheat Sheet

Please download the SMALLBox Cheat Sheet here: https://code.soundsoftware.ac.uk/projects/smallbox/documents

Running SMALLbox Add-ons

note: this is an example add-on developed by Daniele Barchiese.

These are the steps needed to interface SMALLbox add-ons to the core SMALLbox distribulation:

  1. Download the add-on distribution from: http://code.soundsoftware.ac.uk/projects/incoherentdl/files
    • The version you wish to download is version 1.1
    • unzip the downloaded file - this will create a folder named incoherentdl-v1_1
  2. Place the add-on code in any convenient location of your file system
    • if you copy it to somewhere outside the SMALLBox folder, you'll need to add it to your path
      • addpath(genpath('{incoherentdl-v1_1}'))
    • if you place it under the {SMALLBox Root}/Toolboxes folder, it will be added when you run the init script
  3. Modify the relevant files in the folder {SMALLBox Root}/config/
    • modify or create {SMALLBox Root}/config/SMALL_learn_config_local.m
      • cp {SMALLBox Root}/config/SMALL_learn_local.m {SMALLBox Root}/config/SMALL_learn_config_local.m
        • this local file is not tracked by Mercurial
        • if you need to revert to the default SMALLbox setting, you just need to delete/rename your local file
      • add the following code to the local config file:
        elseif strcmpi(DL.toolbox , 'SMALL_incoherentDL')
          DL=SMALL_incoherentDL ( Problem , DL ) ;
           % we need to make sure that columns are normalised to % unit lenght .
          for i = 1: size(DL.D,2)
            DL.D(: ,i)=DL.D(: ,i)/norm(DL.D(: ,i));
          D = DL.D;
  4. Run the SMALLboxInit.m script to set environmental variables
  5. Run any function or script contained in the add-on.
    • example:
      • load test_mocod.mat
        • located in incoherentdl-v1_1/results/test_mocod.mat (but already in path)
      • open SMALL_test_mocod.m
        • located in incoherentdl-v1_1/open SMALL_test_mocod.m
      • run the code from the block that starts on line 110 (with the comment Plot Results)
        • this will display two coherence/signal to noise ratio plots based on results previously computed