Meeting Notes 19 Oct 2012

Present: Karen, Chris, Luis

  • Karen is working on initial prototype using Drupal 7
  • Development site is at
  • Some concerns about BibTeX management -- what sort of uses will we want to make of the detailed structure from publications records. Asks C and L to provide some examples of BibTeX and/or Endnote data and to sketch use cases for these
  • Search: finding things by text search considered useful for first draft but no more
  • Agreed that user management and authentication are out of scope for PoC
  • Question of whether to use publication title as the visible title for an "experimental record" -- C thought this was probably OK (?)
  • Question of whether a publication needs to be "wholly" RR to qualify (e.g. if only data is available but not code, etc)

We need to find more examples of RR or potentially RR publications to put in the test site!