How to create RRR from scratch

Setup Drupal website environment

This will depend on whether you are developing the website on your local machine or on a remote server.

Local machine (tested on MacBook air)

  • Install XAMMP - web stack including database and web server apache
  • Navigate to your XAMMP/htdocs/ folder

Remote server (tested on a Linux machine running Ubuntu)

  • ssh to remote machine
  • setup http web server (e.g. apache)
  • edit web server configuration files
  • go to your /var/www folder

Install software, using for example, apt-get install

  • Install drush - command line utility to manage Drupal websites
  • Install git - command line utility to manage version control

Create new database

  • run the following command
     mysqladmin -u root -p create dbname

    where dbname is the name of the database and root is the user

  • set privileges following instructions in the INSTALL.dbtype file in the Drupal folder (where dbtype is the kind of database used - e.g. MySQL)

Install drupal and use git to track its repository
  • run the following command
    drush dl drupal --package-handler=git_drupalorg
  • Rename the folder with the name of your site site_name

Configure Drupal

  • Point a browser to localhost/site_name
  • Start the Drupal configuration

Verify requirements

  • Enable php GD extension
    apt-get install php5-gd (enable php gd extension)
    /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
  • Create writable files directory
    mkdir site_name/sites/default/files
    chmod ga+w site_name/sites/default/files
  • Create writable settings file
    cp site_name/sites/default/default.settings.php site_name/sites/default/settings.php
    chmod ga+w site_name/sites/default/settings.php

Configure site
  • Revoke public and group write permissions to avoid security issues
    chmod ga-w site_name/sites/default/settings.php
    chmod ga-w site_name/sites/default/

At this point, you have a clean Drupal website that can be accessed locally at http://host/site_name

Obtain RRR modules and settings
  • Clone the RR repository to a folder of your choice by running the command
    hg clone
  • Untar the RRR features module and move it into your sites/all/modules folder
  • Enable the RRR features module by running the command
    drush pm-enable rrr_features

  • To update the Biblio settings that are not saved in the RRR Features module, please refer to the relevant page on this wiki

  • The module simpletest requires php-curl. To install run the following command
    apt-get install php5-curl