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Panos Kudumakis, 2013-10-02 12:17 PM

[[MPEG-A: Interactive Music Application Format]]

  • Eugenio Oñate(C4DM)
    IM AF Encoder: Multi-track audio
    Proof of concept
    MSc Thesis, Aug. 2012
    DMRN+7 Paper, Dec. 2012
  • Costantino Taglialatela (C4DM visitor)
    IM AF Encoder: Still Pictures, Rules, Presets, Groups, EQ
    Integration in Sonic Visualiser
    BSc Thesis, Jul. 2013
  • Giacomo Herrero (Univ. of Malaga)
    An HTML5 IM AF Decoder
    CMMR'13 Paper, Oct. 2013
  • Jesús C. García (Univ. of Malaga)
    IM AF Codec: Lyrics, Metadata, Dynamic Volume, URL
    Integration in Sonic Visualiser
    BSc Thesis, Oct. 2013

MPEG-M: Multimedia Service Platform Technologies