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!> talk on IM AF by Panos Kudumakis, Malaga, Spain 11 April 2013)!

*MPEG-A: Interactive Music Application Format*

Sonic Visualiser with IM AF support featuring automatic chords extraction aligned in time with lyrics:
"Source code":
"Executables": for windows & mac os/x
"La fuga": an IM AF (.ima) song
> Spanish pop band 'Diɘcinueve', featured in TV and press, is the first band to use Sonic Visualiser with IM AF support that lets music fans remix and share the group's latest single 'La fuga' in endless new forms. Thanks to Emilio Molina Martínez.

"HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 3": by Mariano Mora-Mcginity.
Featuring music remix.
"HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 2": by Luke Barlow.
Featuring robustness & zoom in/out.
"HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 1": by Giacomo Herrero.
Featuring multi-track audio, lyrics, album picture & metadata.

We would like to further enhance IM AF with new technologies. Topics for student projects available (at all levels UG/MSc/PhD) to be taken are given below. Programming languages background is a prerequisite as well as willingness to learn new ones, e.g., HTML5. Furthermore, students are expected to develop knowledge and skills on working with latest standards (MPEG, EBU, DMP) as well as acquire commercial and market perspective of music technologies for internet, broadcasting and mobile applications.
* Lyrics extraction and/or highlighting for karaoke apps "EPSRC: Music Repurposing":
* Rights tracking for fair artists remuneration "MVCO": & "Rethink Music":
* Dynamic adaptive audio streaming "DASH":
* 3D audio mixing "MPEG-H Audio":
* Second screen music recommendation
* Vocaloid animation

If you would like to involve in this project please contact p.kudumakis at


* Mariano Mora-Mcginity (C4DM PhD Candidate)
Music remix: derivative works rights tracking
"HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 3":
Featuring music remix & sharing using MVCO Ext

* Thomas Wilmering (C4DM Post-doc)
Music remix: derivative works rights tracking
"Requirements for a Media Value Chain Ontology":
WD ISO/IEC 21000-19/AMD1 on time-segments & multi-track audio, Jun. 2015

* Luke Barlow (C4DM collaborator)
"HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 2":
Featuring robustness & zoom in/out.
DMRN+9 Dec. 2014.

* Jesús C. García (Univ. of Malaga)
IM AF codec in Sonic Visualiser
Featuring lyrics, metadata, dynamic volume, URL
"MSc Thesis, Jun. 2014 - in Spanish": "Awarded Best Thesis": by "COIT-AORM & AITA":, 30 Oct. 2015
"53rd AES Paper, Jan. 2014":

* Costantino Taglialatela (C4DM visitor)
IM AF codec in Sonic Visualiser
Featuring still pictures, rules, presets, groups, EQ
"MSc Thesis, Jul. 2013":
"53rd AES Paper, Jan. 2014":

* Giacomo Herrero (Univ. of Malaga)
"HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 1":
Featuring multi-track audio, lyrics, album picture & metadata
"CMMR'13 Paper, Oct. 2013":

* Eugenio Oñate (C4DM)
IM AF encoder: proof of concept
Featuring multi-track audio
"MSc Thesis, Aug. 2012":
"DMRN+7 Paper, Dec. 2012":

*Related publications*

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* "IM AF: What's next?":
* IM AF "MSc study": by "Tracy Redhead": - 2015
* IM AF functionality in "STEMS by NI": - 2015