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Niels Christian Hansen, 2012-11-08 04:46 PM


1. Check that polyphonic context works;
2. Ensure that program change messages work;

3. Ensure key presses work. (Niels: Buttons now sometimes turn red when you click on them. But this does not seem to happen consistently; i.e. most of the time no response is given; this might confuse participants when it suddenly works and then doesn't);
4a. Ensure that ratings and reaction times are recorded - also when numeric keys are used;
4b. Ensure that responses are recorded after the end of the melody;
5. Check why some chords (particularly the first one in each cadence) are played twice inside the programme. This is not the case when played outside the programme; thus, it should not be a problem with the MIDI files themselves, but a problem with the programme's interpretation of the MIDI files. This problem does not seem to occur when Marcus runs the programme on his Mac laptop, but DOES occur when running the programme on another PC;
6. Investigate why MIDI files are played inside the programme with a lot of reverb even though this reverb is not present when MIDI files are played outside the programme. I have tried changing the <midi device> argument, but it doesn't seem to make any difference;

Other points:

1. Check that probes are activated at the correct note;