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Niels Christian Hansen, 2012-11-07 06:17 PM


1. Check that polyphonic context works;
2. Ensure that program change messages work;

3. Ensure key presses work;
4. Ensure that responses are recorded after the end of the melody;
5. Check why some chords (particularly the first one in each cadence) are played twice inside the programme. This is not the case when played outside the programme; thus, it should not be a problem with the MIDI files themselves, but a problem with the programme's interpretation of the MIDI files. This is not a problem when Marcus runs the programme so I will try with different version of Java tomorrow (Thursday 8th).
6. Investigate why MIDI files are played inside the programme with a lot of reverb even though this reverb is not present when MIDI files are played outside the programme. I have tried changing the <midi device> argument, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Other points:

1. Check that probes are activated at the correct note;