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Xue Wen, 2011-08-11 11:26 AM

Building harmonic visualizer

Project harmonic visualizer (HV) depends on Borland VCL and HSM&Tools code libaray. To build HV you'll need Borland C++Builder or equivalent building tools that includes VCL.

Building with Turbo C++ 2006

The source code of HV comes with a project makefile hv.bdsproj which was used to build the supplied executable. This makefile assumes HSM&Tools source codes are available in the upper directory (..\). To build HV using Turbo C++ 2006 or compactible tools supporting .bdsproj type makefiles, simply make sure all HSM&Tools source code are in the upper directory, then open the project and build.

Building with other versions of Borland C++Builder

If the available version of C++Builder does not support .bdsproj type project file, then do the following:
1. create an empty project;
2. add all source code files of HSM&Tools to this project;
3. add all source code files of HV to this project;
4. specify Form1 (unit1.cpp) as the main form of the programme;
5. build project.

Building harmonic visualizer