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h1. Wiki

h3. Some issues on building the compiled version of the MATLAB code

h4. Reading config files (m files using eval)

When reading/writing files - such as config files - not everything will behave like in the matlab console.

The way teh config files were being read was not working - was simply using eval. It was necessary to read the file manually, adapting the suggestion found here:

> (...)in a function we would create a text file, INP, containing our parameters.
> We create this file in the directory returned by the ctfroot function.
> Then, in MAIN, we would use the following to retrieve these parameters:
eval(char(textread(fullfile(ctfroot, INP), '%s', 'whitespace', '');

See commit:d9262cdbfb38d9262cdbfb38 on the jabuilder-int branch.

h4. Other input/output files

At the moment the input/output is done in the same folder where the the java class is being called from (hrir_final.mat and binsimecho.wav...).

h3. Building the isvr jar

> /Applications/ -W ",HumanEcho" -d ./scratch -T "link:lib" -v "class{HumanEcho:./webapp/WEB-INF/mcode/gen_echo.m}"

h4. Contents of the isvr jar

> jar tvf scratch/isvr.jar
0 Tue Nov 26 16:47:42 GMT 2013 META-INF/
68 Tue Nov 26 16:47:44 GMT 2013 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
0 Tue Nov 26 16:47:30 GMT 2013 uk/
0 Tue Nov 26 16:47:30 GMT 2013 uk/ac/
0 Tue Nov 26 16:47:30 GMT 2013 uk/ac/soton/
0 Tue Nov 26 16:47:36 GMT 2013 uk/ac/soton/isvr/
3895 Tue Nov 26 16:47:36 GMT 2013 uk/ac/soton/isvr/HumanEcho.class
336 Tue Nov 26 16:47:36 GMT 2013 uk/ac/soton/isvr/HumanEchoRemote.class
168802 Tue Nov 26 16:47:30 GMT 2013 uk/ac/soton/isvr/isvr.ctf
1798 Tue Nov 26 16:47:36 GMT 2013 uk/ac/soton/isvr/IsvrMCRFactory.class

h3. Configuration

There is a configuration file in @webapp/WEB-INF/classes/

h3. Logging

We are using log4j for logging. The log4j jar (1.2.17) is included in the repository.

h2. Using Eclipse

(tested on Eclipse Kepler Service Release 1 under OSX 10.9)