How to summarise the current working folder state

We want a one-sentence description of the current state. This needs to give an indication of what the "parent revisions" are, i.e. whereabouts on the graph we are -- it isn't intended to summarise what changes we've made in the working copy (that's the job of the rest of the Work pane).

Some possibly promising formulations:

For the "normal" case (everything up-to-date)

State: At the head of the default branch


[head of a non-default branch]

State: At the head of branch "blah"

[two parents]

State: Merged but not committed

[somewhere on a branch that is not a head]

State: On the default branch; newer revisions are available (consider using Update)

State: On branch "blah"; newer revisions are available on this branch

Hm, doesn't really work because the other revisions are not necessarily newer (they may be contemporary)