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Chris Cannam, 2011-03-16 06:32 PM

Feedback from the 16/March Workshop


True, we should probably think about promoting it a bit more by now -- perhaps after this round of fixes!

  • Go to projects, search for "Easy" - not useful result (should give the project first)

True, I'm not sure what the ordering is -- the projects are there, but not listed first

The install page is a stopgap for a proper website, agreed it's rather clumsy at the moment

There is a download button at the top. Evidently prominence rather than height on the page is the issue here

Yes, this seems to have caused much confusion

  • Have an option to get sent email when added to a project

Definitely -- slightly surprised this didn't happen already

  • In Repository " This URL has Read+Write access." Is meaningless to user

This is issue #70

  • In Repository " your preferred Mercurial client" could be EasyMercurial.

Yes, ultimately

  • In Repository "Mercurial" is not a link

True, it should be

  • When empty, could say "no files yet"?


  • Provide 2 URLs, like Doodle does

I don't know Doodle but apparently the suggestion is for "your URL" and "general URL to give to other people"

Don't understand this one

Don't understand this, the page has View and Annotate as well as Download

  • disable other languages

Right, or provide language fallbacks (I think this may be working in trunk code)

  • Entering a name [in Add User page for project] then typing enter gives an error message - reason code missing

Right, this is pretty weird -- form should just do nothing if no people are selected


  • On re-run (after install), it opens "Open Repository" dialog, but the default local Mercurial repostitory location is C:/Program Files (x86)/EasyMercurial, but should be e.g. C:/Users/[username]/My Documents (at least for 64-bit Windows 7).

This should be fixed already in Hg, but I haven't tested it on Windows yet

  • Remote repository defaults to " C:/Program Files (x86)/EasyMercurial"

Yes, this is quite wrong

  • Add text on the remote repository dialogue to instruct users to add the username to the remote repo URL "username@repository"

Better added to code.soundsoftware page I think?

  • Local folder defaults to C:/Users/markp, should default to C:/Users/markp/My Documents

This should be fixed in Hg

  • Local folder browse doesn't start from right place. E.g. Folder is " C:/Users/markp/My Documents/ ", click "Browse", shows C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMercurial instead.

I'll review this

  • On windows, can't select a folder with "Browse" unless it exists, so why complain that it already exists? It now says I cannot clone to it!

This is #92, fixed in Hg

  • On cancel, Open Repository dialog forgets past state.

This may be trickier than it looks to fix

  • What "password" do I type? Is this for my PC or for the repository, or creating a new one for the project?

Good point, it should at least say "repository password" or something

  • Clone succsessful - more details is now wide enough (or should wrap text)

Low priority!

  • .hg directory not hidden on windows - should tell people to ignore it!

True... but where?

  • Commit to "local" repository - why? In Commit files dialog, maybe say its going to the local repository. Also, what is the "default branch"?

I think the first point here is part of the general background that the user simply needs to know. Commit in a DVCS always goes to the local repository, that's just about the first thing you should learn, and I think the user would very quickly tire of always being reminded of it.

  • Commit doesn't use file selection, uses all files. (Can commit individually with right-click).

Correct, this is a recent intentional change -- using the selection was a cause of far more confusion in users who then couldn't see how to commit all files

  • keyboard shortcuts don't work on right-click menus, e.g. right-click button then "d" should to diff.

Wow, I didn't know that ever worked in menus. Agreed though, shortcuts are very lacking throughout

  • Push should warn on modified, uncommitted files. (Currently allows push with modified files).


  • Pushed 1 changeset dialog details text is too small.

Low priority -- all the "More Details" texts are supposed to be for troubleshooting only really

  • Folder dialog uses "/" not "\"?

Not sure which dialog is referred to here? Windows actually uses / and \ interchangeably internally so this is never "wrong", but granted it's probably not helpful either

  • Why does "open" say "Clone successful"? Does "open" = "Clone"?

Very good point

  • Commit files dialog box doesn't close on enter. Also can't use TAB to get to enter button. What's keyboard shortcut to commit?

It certainly doesn't close on enter -- that would be very dangerous! Not being able to tab is a problem though, I agree. There's no shortcut for it in this dialog at the moment.

  • On commit, I get Command Failed:
    warning: certificate not verified (check web.cacerts config setting)
    warning: certificate not verified (check web.cacerts config setting)
    warning: certificate not verified (check web.cacerts config setting)
    warning: certificate not verified (check web.cacerts config setting)
    warning: certificate not verified (check web.cacerts config setting)
    warning: certificate not verified (check web.cacerts config setting)
    abort: authorization failed
    If not authorized, suggest ask the project manager to make sure you have access rights.
    _That's quite a good idea_
  • it would be important to store the password for the session duration;

This is what the Keyring Extension is for, but I haven't had time to integrate it properly (or instruct people in how to enable it themselves)

  • is it possible to have an easy way to change between projects.

We should probably add File -> Recent Repositories, though in fact going through the Open dialog is less onerous than you might think

  • when you have uncommitted changes and push, the dialogue shou warn you that you are about to push even though you have uncommitted changes.

True (this is also mentioned further up)

  • History Tab: the working revision black border is not explicit enough.

OK... what shall we do about this one?

  • When working in a previous revision, the Update button is enabled; maybe it should read "Update to tip of branch" (some users found it confusing Updating to a revision and still having the Update button enabled)

The status line tip for it does actually say something to this effect already. Have to check whether the tooltip can be made to match, or whether it always follows the (limited space) text

General Comments

  • Video on Merge command
  • some questions we should answer in the documentation:
    • where should I put the local folder?
    • is a Mercurial folder different from a normal working folder?
    • advantages of local repo??
    • how often should I commit?
    • how often should I push??
  • Some confusion noticed over Redmine roles -- e.g. what's the point of Reporter? Can we document these better in add-user interface?

People who had problems running the thing at all

  • Maria, Andrew N -- similar but not identical PySomeSymbol missing errors from extension
  • Mike -- some problem from extension, error not noted
  • Xue -- stops responding (on windows) when clicking OK on settings dialog


  • Xue tried: Commit; commit; update back to first commit; edit again -> easyhg asked for a merge, but it wasn't shown as requiring one at all in history