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#summary Main welcome page for the AIM-C wiki
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h1. Introduction
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The "auditory image model":http://www.pdn.cam.ac.uk/groups/cnbh/research/aim.php (AIM) is a computational model of the early stages of the processing that occurs in the human auditory system. 
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AIM-C is a C++ version of AIM developed at the "CNBH lab":http://www.pdn.cam.ac.uk/groups/cnbh/ at the University of Cambridge. The original AIM-C software was written by "Tom Walters":http://www.tomwalters.co.uk/academic/ and "Willem van Engen":http://willem.engen.nl/uni/intern-cnbh/.
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The main goal of AIM-C is to provide near real-time processing of audio data through the auditory model, allowing for the use of AIM in content-based audio analysis tasks. The goal of this project is to make available a well-tested version of AIM-C to the academic community, for experimental use and further development. 
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This site will be the home of the continued development of AIM-C. The code is undergoing a complete overhaul, both in coding style and design as it is ported to the new project. We're taking the opportunity to start afresh, with unit tests, a new coding style guide and a rewritten API. We're also developing bindings for python (and potentially other languages too) using SWIG. The code on this site can't currently be used to build a working AIM-C executable, but we're working on it!