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Useful classes to perform ringbuffering of audio
Andrew Robertson2014-08-142014-08-14
OpenFrameworks project demonstrating bassline prediction (causal but offline demo).
Andrew Robertson2014-07-222014-07-22
Mirror of Jamie Bullock's libxtract -- a simple, portable, lightweight library of audio feature extraction functions.
c++, stable, gpl, feature extraction, library, c, low level features, libxtractChris Cannam, Jamie Bullock2012-07-042012-07-04
A Vamp plugin encapsulating many of the functions of Jamie Bullock's LibXtract library.
c++, stable, vamp, feature extraction, low level features, libxtractChris Cannam, Jamie Bullock2012-07-042012-07-04
Spectral Terrain X-sectional Synthesis
synthesis, additive, gesturalRobert Tubb2014-05-062014-05-06
SoundSoftware-organised Software Carpentry workshops material for QM C4DM and MAT
python, soundsoftware, software carpentry, workshopBogdan Vera, Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-052014-02-13
Introduction to Audio processing using Python.
Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-112013-02-11
Example code based on Software Carpentry's existing workshop material.
Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-112013-02-11
Various Btrack related projects
Andrew Robertson2011-10-142011-10-14
Precise Onset Detection - does peak picking and gives precise location of onset in a frame of audio. Written as opeFrameworks project using Accelerate framework for FFT
Andrew Robertson2012-09-212012-09-21
Gyorgy Fazekas, Mathieu Barthet, Ting Lou2013-06-162013-06-16
pYIN is a modification of the well-loved YIN algorithm for fundamental frequency (F0) estimation in monophonic audio.
c++, vamp, pitch track, note track, yinChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch, Simon Dixon2013-11-042013-12-06
Information Dynamics Of Music or IDyOM (Pearce, 2005): a framework for constructing multiple-viewpoint variable-order Markov models for predictive statistical modelling of musical structure ...
lisp, statistical models, perception, expectationMarcus Pearce2012-02-022014-06-16
The central IDyOM code and associated applications.
lisp, statistical modelsMarcus Pearce2012-01-162013-10-27
Instrument Ontology
Gyorgy Fazekas, Mathieu Barthet, Sefki Kolozali2010-09-212013-02-15
Source code for sonic zoom on iOS. Includes subproject of associated event logging server.
Robert Tubb2012-11-192013-02-28
visualization, tempo, variegation, expressive performanceDawn Black, Shengchen Li2012-09-102012-11-26
audioDB is a feature vector database management system for content-based multimedia retrieval.
alpha, c++, search, feature database, query by example, omras2, gpl, library, databaseBen Fields, Chris Cannam, Christophe Rhodes, Luis Figueira2011-04-052011-04-11
Output notes to MIDI and Supercollider and input from MIDI for Prolog.
Samer Abdallah2012-01-252012-01-25
A test plugin for use by developers working on Vamp plugin hosts.
c++, vamp, plugin, sdk, testChris Cannam, Luis Figueira2013-03-212013-04-30
Simple Object-oriented Model of Audition
Nick Clark2011-05-262011-05-30
Daniele Barchiesi2013-10-302013-10-30
Proposal and materials for tutorials to be presented at ISMIR 2012 and DAFx 2012.
soundsoftwareChris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Mark Plumbley, Simon Dixon, Steve Welburn2012-03-082013-02-05
Code written during the "live" test-driven development session of our ISMIR 2012 tutorial, "Reusable software and reproducibility in music informatics research".
python, soundsoftwareChris Cannam2012-10-082012-12-07
Interactive Music Application Format (IM AF) Online Player (JavaScript).
imaf, mpeg, javascript, online, player, imaGiacomo Herrero, Panos Kudumakis2013-08-192013-08-25
Loads a multichannel audio file. Processes for chromagram and aubio onset function. Allows playback of the file and display of up to sample level information. Made in openFrameworks
Andrew Robertson2011-08-302011-08-30
The Sonic Visualiser application. Requires the SV Libraries code (svcore, svgui and svapp).
c++, stable, vamp, isophonics, ladspa, windows, osx, linux, qt, gpl, spectral, visualization, mir, host, audio, waveformChris Cannam, Dan Stowell, Mathieu Barthet2010-07-232011-01-19
An experimental build of Sonic Visualiser with MPEG IMAF file format support.
Chris Cannam, Panos Kudumakis2013-12-112013-12-13
Platform builds of third-party libraries that Sonic Visualiser depends on
Chris Cannam2013-03-132013-03-20
Aggregate data and charts from Sonic Visualiser user surveys.
surveyChris Cannam2013-04-252013-04-25
The Sonic Visualiser website.
html, websiteChris Cannam2012-07-122012-07-12
Alo Allik, Gyorgy Fazekas2013-02-252013-12-18
Developing a Reproducible Research repository to contain associations of experimental results with external code and data.
soundsoftware, website, rrrCarl Bussey, Chris Cannam, Daniele Barchiesi, Luis Figueira, Mark Plumbley, Steve Welburn, Tim Kay2012-09-192013-11-12
Simple Vamp plugin that returns the peak frequency within a given frequency range, from a harmonic product spectrum.
c++, vamp, harmonicspectrum, hpsChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch2014-03-072014-03-07
This project contain MATLAB code in support of the paper "Selective overdetermined microphone interference reduction" submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing by Alice Clifford and Josh Reiss ...
Alice Clifford2013-01-032013-01-09

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