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An EPSRC-funded research project combining Audio & Music Technology, Semantic Web, e-Science and Human-Computer Interaction research groups.
audio, music, HCI, semantic, e-science, epsrcAdib Mehrabi, Alfonso Perez, Alo Allik, Andrew McPherson, Beici Liang, Ben White, Bob Sturm, Brecht De Man, Chris Cannam, Elio Quinton, Emmanouil Benetos, Florian Thalmann, Geraint Wiggins, Giulio Moro, Gyorgy Fazekas, JP Tauscher, Keunwoo Choi, mariano mora, Mark Sandler, Mathieu Barthet, Panos Kudumakis, Sebastian Ewert, Simon Dixon, Steven Hargreaves, Thomas Wilmering2015-04-272015-10-07
A node.js web app based on d3.js and n3.js that allows creating and editing Dynamic Music Objects and their renderings in an easy and intuitive way.
Florian Thalmann2015-09-022016-05-25
Quick evaluation of some DSP jobs in Javascript (first up: the FFT).
dsp, javascript, fftChris Cannam2015-10-072015-10-07
This demonstrator based on international MPEG standards for achieving interoperability such as IM AF format for interactive music services (remixing, Karaoke & collaborative music creation) and MVCO ontology for IP rights tracking aims to enable both a rich user experience and a royalties fair and transparent music ecosystem ...
interactive music, mpegPanos Kudumakis2015-11-192017-09-27
The Mobile Audio Ontology investigates the ways in which music can be experienced on mobile devices. It allows a definition a multiplicity of mappings between the available controls on mobile devices and parameters of the music itself ...
music, ontology, mobileAlfonso Perez, Florian Thalmann, Gyorgy Fazekas2015-06-242015-06-26
A simple tool to align different recordings of the same sound scene (e.g. a concert) based on an iteratively refining Hough transform. Compared to dynamic time warping, the method can deal with arbitrary start and end positions ...
Florian Thalmann, Sebastian Ewert2016-10-032016-10-03
The Semantic Player is a cross-platform mobile app based on Ionic and the Web Audio API that plays back Dynamic Music Objects based on Mobile Audio Ontology configurations.
Florian Thalmann2015-06-262015-06-26


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