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Just one little Python script that converts a comma-separated file to binary HTK format, then outputs to stdout. Done in my spare time on the weekends. I found it incredible that this does not seem to exist yet in Python ...
python, csv, htkMatthias Mauch2011-01-082013-06-21
Matthias Mauch2015-01-092015-01-09
Learning Similarity with RBM Features + Updated CAMIR Code
Daniel Wolff2015-02-102016-08-19
Maria Panteli2016-05-192016-08-02
pYIN (Probabilistic YIN) is a modification of the well-loved YIN algorithm for fundamental frequency (F0) estimation in monophonic audio. This plugin's main features are
c++, vamp, pitch track, note track, yinChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch, Simon Dixon2013-11-042015-04-23
This code performs automatic music transcription for multiple-instrument music (supporting Western orchestral instruments) using the temporally-constrained model of the below publication. The output is a non ...
Emmanouil Benetos, Tillman Weyde2015-06-232015-06-23
Matthias Mauch2014-10-312014-10-31
A VST plugin to decode a first order Ambisonics signal (e.g. SoundField type microphone) to virtual microphone's over 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 speaker layouts.
Martin James Morrell2012-08-142013-12-16
Open perceptual evaluation toolbox. See [1] for more information, and please refer to it if you use this toolbox in your work.
matlab, perception, listeningtest, perceptual, listeningBrecht De Man2014-03-202014-03-20
Andrew Robertson2013-05-132013-05-13
A variation of the Accessible Peak Meter that always sends the sonification to the default sound card.
Fiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns2015-06-092015-06-09
Support library for implementing 'Chinese restaurant' processes.
prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-202012-01-20
Continuation-based framework for reactive programming in Prolog
prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-232012-01-23
Loads a multichannel audio file. Processes for chromagram and aubio onset function. Allows playback of the file and display of up to sample level information. Made in openFrameworks
Andrew Robertson2011-08-302011-08-30
A wrapper that enables the development of Vamp plugins in Python, which can be used in standard (C or C++) Vamp hosts. Does not yet permit development of Vamp hosts in Python.
vamp, pythonChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas, Luis Figueira2011-01-062012-03-16
Description: This code performs sound event detection in complex acoustic environments. This version is trained with office sounds (16 event classes) from the DCASE 2013 Office Synthetic (OS) development set ...
matlab, audio analysis, acoustic event detection, acoustic scene analysis, computational auditory scene analysis, sound event detection, sound scene analysis, linear dynamical systemsEmmanouil Benetos, Gregoire Lafay, Mark Plumbley, Mathieu Lagrange2017-01-112017-01-16
A simple tool to align different recordings of the same sound scene (e.g. a concert) based on an iteratively refining Hough transform. Compared to dynamic time warping, the method can deal with arbitrary start and end positions ...
Florian Thalmann, Sebastian Ewert2016-10-032016-10-03
This is a central point for managing, sharing, and developing the software outputs of the "Shaping Music in Performance" project (see provided url).
gesture capture, visualisationDan Tidhar2012-07-122012-07-12
Alignment between multitrack rehearsal and live rendition
Andrew Robertson2012-01-272012-01-27
This project has moved to Piper
vamp, plugin, jsonChris Cannam, Lucas Thompson2016-03-082017-03-24
A Python module and native-code extension permitting Python programs to load and run Vamp plugins.
c++, vamp, bsd, pythonChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas2012-10-222015-06-24
The theme used by our Drupal site.
soundsoftware, drupalChris Cannam, Luis Figueira2011-06-232012-10-26
The Shared Open Vocabulary for Audio Research and Retrieval project
Alo Allik, Gyorgy Fazekas2012-11-092013-12-18
Alo Allik, Gyorgy Fazekas2013-02-252013-12-18
This project aims to create a revised version of the audio features (AF) ontology that betters serves the need of specific use cases, including multitrack content analysis, harmonized with audio effects ontologies ...
Alo Allik, Gyorgy Fazekas, Simon Dixon, Steven Hargreaves, Thomas Wilmering2012-01-252013-03-16
The audio application framework used by Sonic Visualiser, initially developed as part of the SV application and subsequently spun out into independent libraries.
c++, stable, qt, libraryChris Cannam2010-07-232014-09-11
Document class and base class for main window instance for applications that "resemble Sonic Visualiser", with the same pane and layer structure but not necessarily the same user functions.
Chris Cannam2010-07-232010-07-26
Core application library from the Sonic Visualiser project, also used by GUI-less applications such as Sonic Annotator. Includes audio file wrappers and other file format support, data models, basic utility functions ...
Chris Cannam, Lucas Thompson2010-07-232010-07-26
Implementations of the layer and view abstractions from Sonic Visualiser, as well as any additional Qt widgets used by SV.
Chris Cannam2010-07-232010-07-26
Mathematical Investigation of Pitch Systems
lisp, music representationMarcus Pearce2012-02-022012-02-07
This repository holds the source code for VST and AudioUnit plugins accompanying the book "Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application" by Joshua D. Reiss and Andrew P. McPherson (CRC Press, 2014) ...
Andrew McPherson, Brecht De Man, David Ronan, josh reiss2014-10-102015-07-01
This project is where we perform subgrouping on sound effects
matlab, grouping, paper, SFX, samplesDave Moffat, David Ronan2016-04-082017-09-03
RDF documents describing known Vamp plugins (from anywhere). If you've written a plugin and want to publish it, get in touch and find out how to add a description to this set.
Chris Cannam2014-03-252014-06-26
Emulation of audiophile wire (gold-plated, balanced): 100% lossless audio connector plug-in
plugin, vst, audioBrecht De Man2014-04-012017-08-09
Tony is a software program for high quality scientific pitch and note transcription in three steps: automatic visualisation/sonification, easy correction, and export.
pitch track, note track, intonation, transcription, annotationChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas, Justin Salamon, Matthias Mauch, Rachel Bittner2012-05-252015-04-24
Quick evaluation of some DSP jobs in Javascript (first up: the FFT).
dsp, javascript, fftChris Cannam2015-10-072015-10-07
Common code for emotion detection.
v0.0Dawn Black2012-04-272012-04-27
This is the Python implementation of chirplet sound analysis by heterodyning, as described in the following publication:
spectrogram, birdsong, chirpletDan Stowell2013-05-142013-05-14
Andrew McPherson, Giulio Moro2014-10-312016-06-25
A Juce-based plugin that allows to send and receive audio and sensor data over a UDP connection. Designed as a complement to the Scope project in BeagleRT
Andrew McPherson, Giulio Moro2015-06-082017-05-04
A VST plugin + BeagleRT module to (try to) achieve media clock synchronization between a host and a BBB. Useful in combination with the UdpIoPlugin, which sends audio and sensor data over the network. ...
Andrew McPherson, Giulio Moro2015-09-082015-09-08
A tool for compiling and rendering an inter-predicate call graph as a PDF using Graphviz.
Samer Abdallah2014-03-232014-03-23
An Android App to access CCmI diagrams (.ccmi files) on touchscreen mobile devices.
java, accessibility, android, cross-modalFiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns2012-12-132012-12-13
Alternating Descent algorithm for Off-grid DOA estimation under sparsity constraints
Aris Gretsistas2012-06-062012-06-21
Implementation of a time domain probabilistic concatenative synthesis.
music, synthesis, soundsynthesis, concatenative, knn, resynthesisDave Moffat2016-07-212018-04-18
Gyorgy Fazekas, Mi Tian2014-02-012017-12-31
Precise Onset Detection - does peak picking and gives precise location of onset in a frame of audio. Written as opeFrameworks project using Accelerate framework for FFT
Andrew Robertson2012-09-212012-09-21
A simple example of an autoencoder set up for spectrograms, with two convolutional layers - thought of as one "encoding" layer and one "decoding" layer.
python, birdsong, theano, lasagne, autoencoderDan Stowell2016-01-082016-01-08
Meta-project for running automated build-and-test cycles of known Vamp plugins.
vamp, test, buildChris Cannam, Christopher Harte2014-07-142016-05-18
An exemplar-based NMF approach for audio event detection
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Jort Gemmeke, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This is a package for audio note onset detection. It analyses a single channel of audio and estimates the onset times of notes within the music.
Gyorgy Fazekas, Mi Tian2015-08-022016-07-12
Proposal and materials for tutorials to be presented at ISMIR 2012 and DAFx 2012.
soundsoftwareChris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Mark Plumbley, Simon Dixon, Steve Welburn2012-03-082013-02-05
Code written during the "live" test-driven development session of our ISMIR 2012 tutorial, "Reusable software and reproducibility in music informatics research".
python, soundsoftwareChris Cannam2012-10-082012-12-07
Matlab version of Dynamic Programming Beat Tracker submitted to MIREX and implemented as a VAMP plugin for Sonic Visualiser
beat track, matlab, beatAdam Stark, Matthew Davies2011-04-272013-06-21
AIM-MAT is the implementation of the auditory image model in MATLAB. It has a GUI that allows you to investigate auditory processing stage by stage. There is a tutorial ...
Etienne Gaudrain, Roy Patterson, Stefan Bleeck, Thomas Walters2011-05-202011-07-02
arc regression
Dan Stowell2012-01-122012-01-21
An accessible PD patches editor based on the CCmI Diagram Editor. Started as a hack for the hackathon, themed around assistive and adaptable musical interfaces, that took place during the open day at NIME 2014 conference ...
Fiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns2014-07-082014-07-08
Simple-minded audio classifier in python (using MFCC and GMM).
python, gmm, mfcc, classifierDan Stowell2012-11-142012-11-14

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